• The service that you have provided has always been of a very high standard and very efficient. I really wish that all the people I dealt with were like you – Mervyn P. (Renter)
  • I am very happy with the smooth transition of one tenant leaving to the others moving in, great job – Brant S. (Renter)
  • I am constantly impressed with the professional manner and process by which AlFa Estates approach this very important role. I view the interactions I have with your Property Management team, and their relationships with the property owners, as a benchmark for the industry where frankly you have no rival. It is a pleasure to work with your team and I commend you for the manner in which you have allowed the team to develop and drive what is obviously a great formula which is working well – Ross A. (Resident)
  • AlFa Estates has been our property manager for about two years, which is a testimonial in itself. Our properties are long-term rentals and we have found AlFa Estates and their team to always select ‘good’ tenants. Property inspections are carried out regularly and detailed reports sent. If any maintenance work/repairs need to be carried out, AlFa Estates has quality tradespeople on call and the work is done quickly and efficiently. We also appreciate the personal touch ‘ a quick phone call if something needs to be done. We live 15 miles from Hermosa so it is a relief to have a company as professional as AlFa Estates looking after our properties. – Hilary G. (Consignment Property)
  • Nothing to say about AlFa Estates but a great Real Estate the best I have ever rented with. – Andrew T. (Tenant)
  • The professionalism and services provided by AlFa Estates have been a pleasant surprise. The staff has always been friendly and helpful even when problems have arisen. I can’t help but be impressed by the quality of service that we have been provided Thanks. – Gary & Caroline W. (Consignment Property)
  • We would like to express out sincere thanks for all the time and effort you dedicated to helping us find a new place to live during this very tight market. In all our dealings with you we have been blown away with your professionalism and at the same time felt that you really cared about our welfare and make sure we were alright. We are looking forward to settling into our new home and continuing our association and friendship with you whilst we are renting this new property. – Duggan L. (Tenant)
  • I would like to thank you for all your help and for making it easy for my family to get in to our new home. You have been so helpful, and you made sure we got into our home without a problem. I will be letting everyone I know looking to buy a house to call you. I know that you will do what you can to help them get into the home of their dreams just like you have done for me and my family. So THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR HELP we love our new home. – Angel Z. (Resident)
  • My husband, daughter and I have rented from AlFa Estates in Westwood for one year year now. Although we would like to buy a home in the next couple of years, I wouldn’t want to rent anywhere else. I love my home and the employees at AlFa Estates office take good care of us ;-)!!! – Chris & Tawni L., (Former Residents)
  • Alicia and I would like to thank you for the exceptional accommodations that you let us live in. We definitely enjoyed our time here in Santa Monica. Although our lease was cut short due to my deployment to Afghanistan, this was one of our best rentals. If I come across new soldiers in the area who need a home, I will definitely refer them to AlFa Estates! – Alicia & Patrick H., (Former Residents)
  • Very happy with the service, great for getting started in Cali. – Jerry (Resident)
  • I loved my little studio and I will miss it. AlFa Estates is very efficient and on my return to Oz I will definitely approach you first when renting a property. – Jung (International Student, China)
  • I were extremely happy with the standard of our property that we rented whilst in California. It was brand new and suited what I was looking for whilst studying abroad. They has plenty of space for my stuff and the furnishings were fantastic. I will be telling all of my friends about these apartments. – Themo R. (International Student, Scotland)
  • I would highly recommend furnished property to other travelers and students. The apartments have everything we required for our stay in Los Angeles. It was great being walking distance to the beach and close to public transport to get to work. We are going off travelling on our semester break and when we return we will book another apartment with them for the summer. – Mari & Jinni (International Students, Japan)
  • I had never thought about booking a guesthouse for my stay in Malibu until another person in the hostel told me they had just booked into one with AlFa Estates. I decided to look into this as it would save me money and would be a great way to meet new people from around the world. I booked into your guesthouse in Malibu for a month and extended my stay as I enjoyed it so much. I didn’t want to leave. I would recommend this as I had my own room if I needed my own space and a large rooftop and common room to socialize with others. – Carlos (Vacationer, Brazil)
  • I couldn’t believe how little it cost me to stay in the LA County in a furnished apartment! I really wanted my own space while I was in staying LA. Then I found your website. Renting with you was easy and I loved “my” place. – Miguel (Vacationer, Brazil)
  • My stay with you guys has been an absolute pleasure. I can honestly say that my flatmates became friends for life. – Brenda (Vacationer, Dublin)
  • Quality, clean and affordable. That’s what we wanted and that’s what we got. Absolutely perfect… thank you AlFa Estates. – Stacey and Brian (Renters)
  • Your beach accommodation made my time in Santa Monica a pleasure. Getting an apartment with you guys is so quick and easy. There are no hassles because they are fully furnished. We loved the Beach and we loved the apartment. We don’t want to go home now! – Jess & Warren (Vacationer)
  • Just a quick e-mail to say thank.you for all your help. We have really enjoyed staying at Westwood and are a little sad that it is coming to an end. Also I was just wondering where you buy you Kitchenware from e.g Glasses, Pans etc? Just for future reference. – Sam (Renter)
  • They’re always very friendly and helpful. When we got here, they were so nice. – Claire (International Student, Dublin)
  • They [Furnished Property] have been really helpful. I don’t even know how many times they drove us around to look at places… When our last contract ran out, we went to Thailand for two weeks and got a new place immediately when we got back. – Michael (Resident)
  • I hope you find some more great tenants for this property as it is in a great location and I myself will recommend it to everyone I meet. – Josh (Former Resident)
  • As a tenant, I am impressed and grateful that I am treated with both warmth and respect at Laguna. I have received friendly prompt and efficient service thus far and would highly recommend them to anyone. It’s good to know that they consider their tenants just as important as their landlords. – Lana K. (Renter)


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